Samsung Galaxy SIII Lowdown

May 12, 2012 by

Samsung Galaxy SIII is finally here

Samsung has finally ended all speculation on 3 May, 2012 and released details to the public on their newest smart phone which is set to rock the mobile world and put the iPhone 4S in the shade for a while.  Although not officially released yet most of the major retailers have been taking pre orders for this new smartphone and it should be released on contract very soon with reported dates for UK release to be the 30th May, 2012.

We have a feeling this phone could hold the throne of best throne for at least 2 years just like its older brother the Samsung Galaxy s2 and have more and more people converting to android.  The processor will be one of the fastest and it puts HTC's One phone in the shade straight away, and we are hoping HTC come back with an even better phone to keep android on top.

So whats so good about the new release from the Korean giants Samsung?

Here are some of the latest features

Smart Stay - This is a new technology which utilises ICS update to detect your eye movements and keep the screen on so it doesn't auto time out and go off.  Very handy if your surfing the web, reading an ebook or watching a movie.  Not sure how well it will work in the dark but I'm sure time will tell.

S Voice – Its supposedly better than the previous Samsung talk and now listens to commands like alarm off, answer the call, turn up the music and much more.  We will see if it is a contender to Apples Siri when its released.  I can personally say I don't use voice commands that much but might give it a try around the house for the day when I get my hands on the phone.

Direct Call – This is another new feature and Samsung describe it like this.  If your writing a text and decide its easier just to call the person then you just lift the phone to your ear and it starts to dial their number.  Quite useful in my opinion as I have lost count of the times I have had to do this.  Will save you a few key presses int he long run but another way that Samsung is making life simpler for the everyday user.

Here is some of the marketing text direct from Samsung on the phone.  The S beam looks very useful for sharing videos and music  instantly with friends. 

The GALAXY S III makes connecting with friends and working across different devices easier than ever.

Want to share multimedia files quickly and simply? S beam allows a 1GB movie file to share within an astonishing three minutes and a 10MB music file inside just two seconds, simply by touching another GALAXY S III without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile signal.

Balancing simple elegance and powerful performance, the GALAXY S III sets a new benchmark in smartphone technology.

Thin but energy efficient, the 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display delivers incredible HD playback with vivid colours and an ultra fast response.

With Pop up Play, you can watch an HD video anywhere on your screen whilst simultaneously checking your email or text in another. Whilst, to ensure faster connectivity, the GALAXY S III offers Wi-Fi channel bonding which doubles your bandwidth.

The phone is coming in two colours initially and they have departed from the standard black phone and opted for a rather fetching Pebble Blue or Marble White.  I think Im going for the Marble white this time for something different.

We will of course be hosting our review roundup when the phone is received on the technology websites and have a Samsung SIII price comparison ready to roll on 30 May, 2012.