Official Nexus 7 Dock Station back in stock!

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nexus-7-dockNexus 7 Dock is Back

The Official Nexus 7 Docking Station is back on the shelves of ASUS and sure to sell out fast. I have been checking stock on this bad boy since it sold out in January and have placed my order already before they sell out again. The link is below if you want to get yours ordered before they fly out of the door.

The dock itself means you can charge your Nexus without the need for cables and its perfect for docking and watching movies on.  Its retailing for £24.99 plus £6 UPS postage so its a bargain.  This is in the UK anyway.  I have found the dock available in a few places in the US but the postage was crazy to the UK. 

When ordering one from the US the postage was 3 times the price of the dock.  I wasnt that desperate so waited and my patience has paid off :)


Buy the Official Nexus 7 Dock



Nexus 7 Docking Station

Put your Nexus 7 at the center of your life.

  • Angled for optimum viewing of movies, photos, webpages, and email.
  • Standard 3.5mm port for speakers.
  • Micro USB makes charging easy while using the tablet.
  • Polished glass exterior and rubberized interior customized for Nexus 7.
Part number : 90-XB3XOKDS00020-

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